The DigiTrace TCONTROL-CONT-03 family of electronic controllers provide accurate temperature control and centralized monitoring for individual heat-tracing circuits. The compact panel mount TCONTROLCONT- 03 has two displays for indicating the process value and the set point. During programming these displays provide user guidance and visual aid to simplify commissioning. Alternatively, the optional and easy to use DigiTrace TCONTROL-CONT-03/ CONFIG software can be used for computer aided configuration. DigiTrace TCONTROL-CONT-03 units are factory configured for ON/OFF control and are suitable for most heattracing applications. Other types of control algorithms can be configured by the user.

Different hardware configurations are available: Units with a relay output for controlling electro-mechanical relays or solid state relays and TCONTROLCONT- 03/MA units with an analog output for driving other types of actuators like thyristors. The health of the temperature input sensor is permanently monitored for failures. An alarm will appear in the event of sensor break or short circuit. In the event of a sensor failure the control output switches to a user defined state (ON or OFF)