STS System

The Raychem STS System consists of a thermally rated, electrically insulated wire installed inside a ferromagnetic heat tube. The insulated wire is connected to the heat tube at the end termination, and an AC voltage source is connected between the heat tube and insulated wire at the power connection. AC current flows down the wire, returning on the inside surface of the tube.

The STS System is electrically safe and produces heat in the ferromagnetic tube through the effects of two well-known electrical phenomena: Skin Effect and Proximity Effect. These phenomena cause the current flowing in the heat tube to be concentrated on the inner surface; the current concentration is so complete there is virtually no measurable voltage on the outer wall of the heat tube. Heat is also generated due to the resistance of the heat tube and STS wire, and through eddy currents and hysteresis in the heat tube. Since the heat tube is attached to the process pipe and completely within the thermal insulation system, heat is efficiently transferred into the process pipe.