At Orka Resources superior service is more than just a job – it’s a tradition. That’s why ORKA provide owned services and inventory, supplemented by independent Channel Partner organizations to assure complete geographic coverage. Our local facilities provide repair services and stock extensive inventory, including Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Keystone, KTM and many more – all available for same-day shipment. Our broad scope of knowledge and 24/7 accessibility make us uniquely capable of providing superior service – when you need us.


Proper handling of equipment prior to installation is critical to the equipment functioning as designed and intended. When installed, things such as piping supports, correct mating of flanges or connections, proper wiring, evaluation of accessibility and the installation environment, examination of seals and tags, and a host of other items should be considered for proper installation of industrial equipment. Who better than the manufacturer to assure proper installation? As a leading manufacturer of equipment that is critical to plant performance and safety, Orka is there for you to assure your investment is installed correctly. Orka is there for you; either using our own workforce or, in jurisdictions where special permits or licenses are required, Orka can subcontract these activities and provide supervision. Protect your asset through the installation process.


Equipment is in the field, but needs some additional effort to make it fully useable. On some occasions, components are shipped to plant locations and need to be assembled on-location. On other occasions, final testing of installed equipment is required to assure that the equipment will function as intended. Whatever your Commissioning need, Orka is there for you wherever there is.
With a fleet of field-service vehicles and a staff of trained technicians, Orka is there to meet your commissioning needs.


Orka has had of experience in every locations around the Indonesian to provide factory-trained maintenance and repair services for our customers. These well outfitted state-of-the-art facilities provide a controlled environment to service your equipment. Clean, safe, and efficient makes the Pentair facilities an obvious choice for superior services.


Factory training can take many forms, from technical training through maintenance training. As a world leader in Electric Heat Tracing has the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best training available on Orka and Pentair products.