HSE Policies 


It has become a necessity that every employee receive a safe and healthy place to carry out everyday tasks . Principally, all parties should seek and take positive steps so that all employees secured and safe and healthy working .

In outline , this policy is :

  1. Raise awareness and provide understanding that the accident could have been prevented
  2. Gives awareness that the main target of the Health , Safety , and Environment ( HSE ) PT . Orka Resources is " zero accident "
  3. Prioritizing the safety of all employees from work activity either in the office or on site
  4. Ensure that all employees are aware of and carry out work that is productive in a secure manner through the instructions ( SOP ) is correct , proper work instructions , instructions use the right equipment , through proper supervision
  5. Provide facilities , equipment , proper safety equipment and ensure adequate and will be used appropriately
  6. Ensure that the required and recommended policies Health , Safety , and Environment ( HSE ) has been followed
  7. Improving the protection and preservation of the environment in all its activities and minimize the damage that may occur as a result of such activity

Management and all employees must be aware of their respective responsibilities , including caring for her/his health , safety and environment in the workplace , in connection with the above policy.